As a healthcare professional you know the importance of informed consent for you and your patients.

The process has to be easy to follow and convenient for the very best patient engagement experience. It also has to be robust ensuring you have a full audit trail of every step of their journey.

We are MD Consents and we are on a mission to transform the informed consent process in healthcare.

We deliver online informed consent platforms for small clinics, groups of clinics and hospitals in both the private and public sectors.

Benefits of e-consents

Using tailored  content and online learning technologies has proven to improve both patient experience and engagement more effectively than paper documents and forms.

Benefits of e-consents for patients:

  • Convenience – they do not have to visit the clinic to complete forms or get basic information about medical treatments.
  • Less pressure and anxiety – patients have time to review and discuss the medical information and any legal issues with family members without feeling pressure to sign forms right away.

Benefits of e-consents for clinics:

  • Removes much of the administrative burden from admin and clinic staff, allowing them to spend time more productively with patients.
  • Ensures medical and legal information is presented in a consistent way followed by a series of questions to check understanding.

Informed consent software for the healthcare sector