Fertility Consent is an online platform for fertility clinics to provide a robust and easy to use informed consent process to their patients. It replaces, and improves the existing informed consent process which uses paper forms and involves patients (and partners) travelling to the clinic.

By moving all consent forms and educational materials online a number of operational efficiencies can be achieved:

  • Reduced time in clinic for patients, as the medical and legal information, and related forms, can be completed at home
  • When patients do arrive in clinic, they are better informed and the time with medical staff more productive
  • Reduction in paper handling and storage
  • Empower admin staff while freeing up nurse time

There are standard libraries of educational materials and forms covering the medical and legal aspects of fertility treatments ensuring information is delivered in a consistent way. Clinics can also add their own forms and content to assist in supporting the patient through their treatment journey.

Uniquely, Fertility Consent has specific algorithms automatically allocating the correct legal forms, medical forms and information for the patient’s specific treatment; this significantly reduces mistakes previously caused by human error. Our ‘Intelligent’ forms validate and cross-check data entered by patient and partner, generating alerts on the clinic dashboard where needed.

A comprehensive audit log captures all patient, partner and clinic staff actions throughout the informed consent process providing a complete record of activity for the clinic and external auditors.